Monday, May 12, 2008


If you can't wait for Tokyo Zombie, but want to get in early on the Yusaku Hanakuma action, indie craft boutique Poketo! is selling vinyl Hanakuma wallets!

Wallet #1: DEATH LIFE

Wallet #2: GRAPPLING STAR #1

Each will cost you a little chunk of change, at $20 a pop. The question you have to ask yourself is, 'Is it worth 20 bucks to be biggest badass in my town?'
Answer: YES.

In Tokyo Zombie book production news, we're doing final approvals this week (fingers crossed,) on the cover proofs and it should begin printing soon after. The Amazon page has been updated recently and the publisher is finalizing details to have it appear in the next Last Gasp catalog and an upcoming Previews. More details on all these things as they are confirmed!


zytroop said...

I've had my Death Life wallet for 6 months now :)

Ryan S said...

@zytroop: That is awesome. And if you paid in Euros the thing must've been super cheap. How is it holding up?

PS: I bought some Hanakuma pins from tacoCHE for me, Evan and our publisher to commemorate the completion of Tokyo Zombie.

zytroop said...

Yeah the weak dollar makes online shopping a joy. My last poketo wallet held up for 2,5 years, but in the last months it was pretty taped up.

BTW you can grab some Yusaku Hanakuma tees with Afro and Hage over at 2K by Gingham,

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I'm digging the Jiu-jitsu Gi designs. Having one of those babies kills two of my passions (martial arts, manga) with a single stone AND makes me seem like less of a geek!

Ryan S said...

@zytroop: Oh yeah! I have the green Ningi shirt (I bought it halfway through the translating/editing process as a motivation t-shirt to put on during hard parts, haha). I'll be posting those probably next week-- Trying to do a little Hanakuma news each week until the book comes out. Keep sending leads and ideas if you have them :)

@huffy: It sounds like a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, like all folks with cool but manga-related apparel, you will still seem like a geek. But is that so wrong?


Anonymous said...

This website is ace, i just spent about £100.

And its all YOUR fault same hat.