Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Apologies for the media-heavy, text-light posts lately! I've had company the past two weekends and busy at my day job, so I haven't made a lot of time to crank out a long written post in a while. I'll work on fixing that up (or maybe everyone prefers the picture posts to long-ass commentary?).

Meanwhile, an awesome collection of one-of-a-kind goods was just posted on the TACOche blog: hand-painted Takashi Nemoto bags and t-shirts!! It's like carrying around MONSTER MEN BUREIKO LULLABY on your shoulder... or your back!

Hand-painted tote bag (front & back): ¥20790

Medium hand-painted bag (front & back): ¥4305

Small hand-painted bag (front & back): ¥3675

Hand-painted T-shirt (front & back): ¥17640

Hand-painted T-shirt (front & back): ¥17010

Hand-painted T-shirt (front & back): ¥16485

For these crazy items, check out TACOche in person in Nakano Broadway Mall in Tokyo!


jimpac said...

Holy shit... those are amazing. I'm off to Japan in May and I'll definitely be going to Tacoche. Fingers crossed they'll have some left... Although, I'm not holding my breath!

Ryan S said...

@jimpac: Awesome, keep me posted. So, you're heading to Japan in May? Very cool... I'm thinking about taking a trip sometime in the next 4-5 months myself too. May is good because that's when Design Festa in Tokyo is held :)

jimpac said...

Yeah man, will do. Just checked out the exchange rate, however, and one of those t-shirts would set me back £122! :S - best get saving!
Already looked into the design expo, hopefully will be going on the sunday. Saturday is taken up as it's my friends wedding!
Also, I'll be able to check out the Osamu Tezuka exhibition at the Edo Tokyo Museum.