Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hot on the heels of his last update, our patron saint Shintaro Kago is at again with another update to the Daily Manga section of his site. Once again for your viewing pleasure, I'm happy to present this batch of seven 1-panel gag comics, with quick English translations by me! Kago-san stays close to the usual themes of suicide and destruction... and Edgar Allan Poe.

SUNDAY - Pistol suicide

MONDAY - The hanging of a sumo

TUESDAY - Mother Nature = WIN

WEDNESDAY - Orthodontics... after the Great Kanto Earthquake

THURSDAY - Poe slashing his wrist

FRIDAY - In vitro fertilization

SATURDAY - Sandwich Shop
(SIGNS: Double Decker Sandwich ¥500, Hot Sandwich ¥400, Sandwich ¥300)


Azraelito said...

check the writing ryan it says shintaro gako at the begining of the text!!

Pistol Suicide is one of the best strips I have ever seen in my life!!

Kago really is a god of bizarre and amazing author that deserves more licenses in the world!!

as always... saludos from argentina to you and ninja evan!!

buena suerte...(it means good luck remember it .D)

Ryan S said...

@helllllen: It's true, there is a horrible place and dude GOES THERE. And we love him for it?

@Azraelito: Good catch-- fixed that typo. He seems like a really prolific and fast creator; I like these cuz he just gets an idea and whips up the strip really fast (at least, that's my impression).

Saludos from san francisco, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Shintaro is a genius :O