Sunday, April 05, 2009


I have to take a second to give a shout-out to an awesome and auspicious blog debut by longtime reader and Same Hat friend, zytroop! He has launched a brand new weirdo manga/Japan blog called KURUTTA!

Kurutta launched with a Jun Togawa clip (awesome) and for its first legit post, collects a HUGE gallery of record covers and liner art by Suehiro Maruo over the years. This is a fucking wild collection, with many I had never seen before. He also includes a YouTube clip of a video from "Michiro Endo's old project VIDEO STALIN" that is a real treat.

Go check out this (leave a comment and then RSS that shit) NOW!!

Best wishes to Zytroop. I hear the next post will be coming soon, with a plethora of Yaoi comic cocks?!?



adam said...

I like how the Kurutta link goes back to samehat.

ps thanks for the sickers and other umezu things

Azraelito said...

Incredible covers,the second one is the most powerful in my opinion!!!

I didnt find the kuruta blogspot in google!!

same as adam the link is to same hat!!

saludos to ryan and evan!!

yeap I was missing in action sorry for that!!!

Ryan S said...

@Adam: That was a mistake, the link is now fixed d00d

@Azraelito: The link is working now, please go check them out.
Good to have you back!

Lezard said...

That's some really awesome stuff. I Find Maruo's art in his mangas to be so-so (his older stuff isn't that great looking), but fuck is his colour art ever fucking amazing! Really wish I could get my grubby hands on some. This is a great way to start what looks like a great blog in the making.

Anonymous said...

The collection is great. I accidentally downloaded that Merzbow album with Maruo's art. Happiness!

Ryan S said...

@Lezard: It's a cool post, I like revealing more unseen Maruo art.

As for his style, his latest works are much, much more elegant. The line work in Panorama-tou Kidan is unbelievable.

@Anonymous: Rad!

Have you guys seen the second post of Kurutta--- it's 50 Yaoi cocks, so hilarious.

Okada said...

@ryan: That was the weirdest way to try to "make the World a better place" I've seen. lol