Monday, April 20, 2009


Here is a nice change of pace around these parts-- another set of rad Suehiro Maruo tattoo photographs!

These come from SH reader Matt, who had them done by artist Jane Laver at Chapel Tattoo in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks, Matt!

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Do you have a cool manga tattoo that you want to share with the community? Shoot me an email at samehat [AT] gmail [DOTCOM]. Click to see other posts featuring [tattoos] on Same Hat. I'm just sortaaa starting to think about maybe getting one myself later this year with my GF-- have a few ideas but I'm still too gunshy and have my doubts. What do you guys thinks would make a rad indie/horror manga tattoo?


jimpac said...

It's all about a massive Makoto-Chan on your back, seemingly flinging himself from out of your body, with a stream of snot dangling from his nostril, a deranged look on his face and busting out a GWASHI for good luck!!! :)
either that or a portrait of Umezu-san on your chest!

Ryan S said...

@jimpac: Hahahaha. nice,dude.
I actually really love this one, wish I had thought of it:

winslow said...

a piece of mine is visible here, though i still want to finish it a bit more before i deluge you with pictures. i recently got a ton of good quality jpegs that will help it along a bit. now i gotta scrounge up some loot to pay for it.

Ryan S said...

@winslow: Dude, you are going all out with that sleeve! It looks great, super textures and really creepy. I won't post it yet, then-- but definitely send more pics once it is finished! I'd love to feature them here :)

Ryan S said...

@lucozademymotherpan: Thanks for spending 11 minutes on the site dicking around and coming up with the insightful comment.


Good times

Ryan S said...

Actually, this comment is really fantastic.

I really love all the assumptions you've made. No really, you sound like an honest soul, obviously very smart (gosh, smarter than me!????) and like... man, you just like, CUT THROUGH all the like, bullshit that people always spout.

Dude, just send me a fucking email. These comments are anonymous, simple and bratty. Bring it on, internet master.