Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Two events happened last month at TACO che, featuring two artist on the Same Hat wavelength. Both of these events featured signings and original goods-- unfortunately, nobody I know was able to attend (were they?). Here are the photos of art and goodies from the Taco Che blog!

First up: JUN HAYAMI [beauty labyrinth of razors, etc]
This event happened on March 22, 2009, with an in-person signing with Hayami-san. [link]

Second artist of note: TAKASHI NEMOTO [monster men bureiko lullaby, etc]
This event happened on March 28, 2009, with an in-person signing with Nemoto-sign. Throughout March, TACO che has been featuring numerous one-of-kind t-shirts, hats, pencil cases, bags and cards created/painted by Nemoto. WISH I COULD GET MY HANDS ON ONE OF THOSE LOU REED CARDS! [link]

Check out these badass, handmade Nemoto goods:


Riley said...

Mr. Nemoto looks even more awesome than I imagined.

Azraelito said...

both are excelent artists!!

the first one a bit crazy one but it is interesting!

the problem is that his work is so terrible, that any publisher wants to license him!!

In the case of nemoto I hope that picturebox has more things to show!!

I also here that picturebox will release garde of yokoshama!!


Ryan S said...

@Riley: haha, YEP

@Azraelito: One of Jun Hayami's book was licensed by Creation (supposedly) but they couldn't find a printer willing to publish the book(?) because it was too gnarly. I'm actually not that interested in his stuff, but I know some folks that read SH dig him.

I hope PB does more Nemoto or similar stuff in the future too. The impression I've gotten was the Monster Men didn't sell very well in English at all... that's a bummer, and makes it harder to justify doing more of his stuff in the future :( Garde by Yokoyama would be awesome! I wonder how well Travel and New Engineering did... I know that they are friends with Yokoyama directly, which is really nice.

Cheap Cell Phone said...

Amazing art. I especially love the manga crucifiction!

jimpac said...

Gutting that Monster Men didn't sell well, although I'm not really surprising. It's such a shame though because it's an amazing book and I'd definitely like to see more of his work. I've been waiting, like, 10 years or something to find out what else happens in Future Sperm Brazil!

Gurotaku said...

Public appearances by Hayami are pretty rare. I only know of one other occasion and that was a few years ago. For a while it was rumored that he was drawing from inside a mental institution because he never dealt with anybody (not even publishers) in person.

There are several volumes (This Is Art, Hentai Shounen, Beautiful Imprint) of Hayami's stuff available in scanlated form on the internet so even though it would be nice to see some of his work get officially put into print in English it's easy enough to access his stuff if anybody is interested.

Ryan S said...

@Caterpillar: Thanks for the details, dude. I was wondering how much of the stuff about Hayami as a person was true. Your work is definitely appreciated by the Hayami fans.

I did see last week that Patrick Macias posted this portrait of himself done by Jun Hayami: http://patrickmacias.blogs.com/er/2009/04/jun-hayami-the-darkness-romance.html