Wednesday, April 08, 2009


After all the KagoTube posts, I wanted to revisit Kazuo Umezu's own YouTube channel. Umezz (with Demerin's help, naturally) has continued to post goofy and interesting clips.

Here is his most recent clip, featuring a bevy of paper masks, GWASHI hands and a strange giant-sized naked Umezu cut-out! (The cut-out feature Umezu's face on a big reproduction of a naked figurine. YES). Enjoy:


Azraelito said...

He is a god!!

His clothes,his house, his mangas!!He is so weird but so cool that it is beyond space and hell!!

cool for sharing videos of Umezz, there is always fun in his videos...

keep up the good work!!

saludos from argentina

Ryan S said...

Thanks dude! I'm always watching his blog for news to translate and post here for you guys. He has a great webmaster (Demerin) so there's always a lot of goodies.