Sunday, June 21, 2009


Great news for international Suehiro Maruo fans, the Spanish edition of "The Strange Tale of Panorama Island" debuted at FICÓMIC (Salón Internacional del Cómic de Barcelona) recently [UPDATED! - Thanks, Manuel!]. The book was published by Maruo's longtime Spanish publisher Glènat.

I don't know any specific details, but I assume Maruo/EnterBrain's long-running relationship with Glènat may be the reason this edition came out so quickly. The book is available now and sells for 15€. Enjoy, Spanish-reading manga fans!

UPDATE: Glenat posted a little something about their Spanish edition on their manga blog.


Beatrice Williams said...
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Ryan S said...

Ah! Thanks Manuel, I messed those details up :)

Fixing this post (and the Junko one) now!

Beatrice Williams said...

Hey Ryan.

This edition of "The Strange Tale of Panorama Island" debuted at the Salón del Cómic de Barcelona, yeah, but it is called FICÓMIC, not FICCON, and the link for the website is that one:

Greetings from Spain! :)


Beatrice Williams said...

You're welcome :)

Azraelito said...

It is very nice the cover!Yesterday I bought the second volume of the laughing vampire!!

JAJAAJ the maruo connection, is the second time that I buy something and in the next day, JA samehat has something very cool to tell about Maruo.Yesterday I was talking to a lot of friends and authors of comic about this book and that last gasp will publish this!!

I still thinks that this is bizarre but funny!!

I dont have ddt and new national kid of Maruo that were published in other publishers in Spain.

The famous anthology el vibora was the one who introduced Maruo in spain and now we can have dreams come true, no more short stories in anthologies, real big books .D

saludos from argentina!!

sorry for my english!!

ejiki said...

ahh this is great news, im from spain.

Sengitron said...

Thanks Ryan, amazing new!!!!
Greetings from Spain

Ryan S said...

@azraelito, baka, sengitron:

Enjoy the book, you lucky dudes! Glenat always hooks up the ES readers before English pubs can... at least this time, we'll finally get our own version too :)

Hector said...

Wonderful cover :)

Ryan S said...

@Hector: Yeah, I like this cover quite a bit. It's actually a color illustration featured smaller on the back cover of the Japanese edition.!