Thursday, June 11, 2009


The first of two pieces of Shintaro Kago news is that he seems to be really falling for the daily gag format. Last week, he posted another set of comics to the Daily Manga section of his site.

As usual, I'm happy to present this batch of six 1-panel gag comics, with quick English translations by me! Kago-san stays squarely on various dopey facets of suicide this week:

MONDAY - Carpenter Suicide

TUESDAY - Rakugo Storyteller Suicide

WEDNESDAY - Vengeful Ghost Suicide ()

THURSDAY - Surgeon Suicide

FRIDAY - Fetal Suicide

SATURDAY - Firefighter Suicide


Hugo - said...

Wow! Is very cruel...

Alberto said...


Ryan S said...

@winslow: !

@hugo: Pretty brutal this time, huh?

@alberto: Every ero-guro / horror cartoonist has a 4-koma gag writer inside him :)

alexmercado said...

while Kago generally resorts to some shocking imagery to get his humor across, i really have to take my hat off at his grotesque comedic genius with the fetal suicide. I mean, really, i've never seen something like that before.

Ryan S said...

@alex: Spoiler alert: it involves ashton kutcher time-traveling back to being a fetus and hanging himself with the umbilical cord to keep himself from ever being born. talk about WTF

alexmercado said...

@ryan, yeah. i think that's the deleted alternate ending which does it with the umbilical cord. I like the not so subtle comedy of a noose though.