Thursday, June 11, 2009


The second piece of Shintaro Kago news? His latest manga collection was released in Japan. Details and cover are taken from his site's main page.

TITLE: アリ地獄vsバラバラ少女 (Arijogoku vs. Barbara Shojo aka Doodlebug vs. Brokedown Girl(?))
PUBLISHER: Kubo Ama Shoten
RELEASE DATE: June 10, 2009
PRICE: 1260 Yen

DESCRIPTION: A horror collection, featuring splatter horror stories from Horror M and gag manga style horror from Young Jump.

Anyone heading to TACOche in the next little while? :)


johnny l said...

Not TACOche (haven't actually made it there yet), but I may well be swinging by the Shinsaibashi Mandarake this weekend...

Azraelito said...

nice cover!!

apart from that today I dont have any more words about kago :D! I am bit tired talking about how good he is!

thx for sharing this!!

saludos as always!!

ejiki said...

Nice cover!

odber said...

can't wait to read it

Anonymous said...

What publisher do I have to fellate to get some Kago published in the states?

Ryan S said...

@johnny: Oh nice :)

@azraelito: thanks for all the comments!

@baka: the digital coloring look is especially intense with this one.

@odber: Same here!

@anon: I wish I knew!

Ryan S said...

dude, "generic viagra" -- stop spamming this blog! I'm deleting all your comments.