Monday, July 27, 2009


Another month has gone by, which means a new issue of COMIC BEAM made its way to my local Kinokuniya. This issue ("July" but released in early June in Japan) features the much anticipated 2nd chapter of Suehiro Maruo's Imomushi. As you guys all know, Imomushi (Caterpillar) is Maruo's adaptation of the psycho-sexual short story of the same name by Edogawa Rampo.

Check out my post from last month for details about Imomushi's plot, along with panels and pages from chapter one.

I heard from my buddy Monika that the new COMIC BEAM with chapter three is out already in Japan. Look for a post on that next month! For now check out these pics of this installment of hot/gross Suehiro Maruo x Edogawa Rampo action:

Title page for chapter two.

Flashback scenes of when Lt. Sunaga & his wife Tokiko are reunited at the military hospital.

Detail panel of Tokiko's anguished face.

Limbless and unable to speak, Lt. Sunaga uses a pencil in his mouth to scratch out communication.

As with his adaptation of Panorama Island, Maruo's is creating intricate and lovely geometric panel layouts for this comic.

Um, oh right... this comics is NSFW. Did I mention that?

The first of many bad dreams for Tokiko.

And by "bad dreams" we're talking like, REALLY BAD DREAMS.

Last panel of chapter two, check back for more next month!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I've never commented on this blog before, but I check it for updates every day. I just thought it was worth sharing that Yuichi Yokoyama is doing some kind of live painting performance, and signing copies of Travel, in San Francisco on the 15th.
P.S. Great Job on the blog. The new Maruo artwork is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and here's a link for more info:

Joseph Luster said...

This isn't related to Maruo in any way, but I just wanted to say that I JUST noticed that you finally have a rad banner. I read via RSS a lot, so it may be old news, but it looks good nonetheless!

Ryan S said...

@anonymous: Thanks for the comment! I love hearing from folks that read secretly :) Are you local to the bay area? I'm definitely gonna go the New People opening and try to get video of Yokoyama in action! Thanks for the reminder to post about the event.

@Joseph: aw, thanks Joseph! Yeah, Evan created that rad banner. We also added better archives links, and modules for Recent Comments, Recently Shared Items (from Google Reader), my twitter, and same hat FOLLOWERS. Hope you are digging it.

Alex said...

I can't believe how good these are!

Holt said...

That's the most perfect rendering of a nightmare on paper I've ever seen.

About Me said...

WOW!!! Amazing art and gripping story line even if I can't read what is being said.
I've had bad dreams, they didn't even come close THOSE bad dreams. Thank goodness ^^
I really hope this gets translated and comes over to the UK.

Ryan S said...

@Alex: Waiting anxiously for chapter 3...

@Holt: Definitely! I think the best rendering of a nightmare I saw on film was in the Takashi Miike film The Bird People in China. this scary sequence of walking down the street and being shot by Yakuza. Has anyone seen this?

Oh yeah, you can read the english adaptation of the source material if you wanna, in Japanese Tales of Mystery & Imagination by Edogawa Rampo.

DLS said...

This is truly wicked! Sometimes I do love nightmares, but this is just sick ;)