Thursday, July 30, 2009


FREE COMICS ONLINE EXPLOSION... PART TWO! The second round of initial SIG IKKI series have gone out the door as of this morning! Full details on all titles from IKKI in English are listed here.

Congrats again to Leyla, Kit, and Daniel on these awesome IKKI launches! Check out round two of the big IKKI series launch, tell everyone what you think in the comments! ENJOY:

TOKYO FLOW CHART - Read Chapter 1 Here


HOUSE OF FIVE LEAVES - Read Chapter 1 Here

KINGYO USED BOOKS - Read Chapter 1 Here

Again, tips on checking out these series from abroad can be found at the bottom of this earlier post.

ALSO: IKKI updated their Features sections with two interesting interviews about the history of IKKI in Japan and its relationship with the now-defunct (but always rad) PULP magagazine. There's an interview with Hideki Egami, editor of IKKI in Japan, and with Alvin Lu, head of publishing for Viz in the US.


Anonymous said...

ok, i'll probably sound really dumb but are these going to be published into books or only available online?

Ryan S said...

Naw, that's a good question!
It wasn't totally clear to me from their press releases if they were going to publish all the books in hard copy form. The first title IKKI debuted (Children of the Seat) had it's book version of Volume 1 come out last week.

My understanding is that depending on the "success" of a certain title serialized for free viewing online they'll decide which ones to actually publish and release in book form-- not sure how they are making those decisions!

Anonymous said...

i'm glad to see this "indie manga" coming out more, as i've gotten away from most manga. it's cool to read on line, but like the other poster, i definitely want it in book form :)

Ryan S said...

@gamera666: Yeah definitely. If it works they way they want (I hope), having it online for preview and reading will make it easy for folks who were gonna buy it already to get excited for the hard copy book, and for folks that wouldn't have ever bought it at least they can read it free and spread word of mouth.

jimpac said...

Judging from the Viz site, volume one of both Bokurano: Ours and Dorohedoro are scheduled to be released in book form early 2010 (they're listed in the Viz Signature section on the products page). So far (apart from Children of the Sea) they're the only Ikki titles listed. I guess if you want to see the other ones in print form you'll have to voice your opinion, maybe try leaving a positive comment on the review section of that title??

So far, I've not had chance to read these new chapters, apart from Tokyo Flow Chart which is funny in a goofy way. I found it really hard to read some of the text on my monitor though! Shame there's no zoom option.

Elena said...

Hey! Interesting blog! Good job!

Ryan S said...

@jimpac: Interesting stuff, thanks for digging around their site. I might ask Leyla how exactly they are gonna decide the process, and how fans can best express their interest in their favorites series!

@Akime: Thanks! :)