Saturday, July 18, 2009


Small update, Same Hat's got a new banner featuring our original manga godfathers, Suehiro Maruo and Yoshida Sensha. This banner was whipped up by Same Hat's graphic design guru, Evan :) Hope you like the changes made here and there to the site... it's hopefully a nice face lift before I move everything over to eventually.

Another feature I was dubious about but now am enjoying is the FOLLOWERS section on the lower-left side of blog. It's a new feature which makes it easy to claim allegiance to SAME HAT! More importantly, it's a relatively easy way to find like-minded folks and other sites to follow.

For each "Member" you can click their little icon to see other blogs they are into, and their own personal site. I just went through them and added a few dozen new places to my RSS reader. Until Same Hat has its own forum (good or bad idea?), this could be the best way to meet other manga weirdos. Enjoy, and as always, lemme know what you think and what you'd like to see in the comments!


Azraelito said...

Followers, great idea!!

Perhaps because it is all a big fandom of different kind of tastes in comics!!

a forum?It sounds crazy but it could be cool!!!

I still prefer the blogspot!!

If you came with the idea of a forum, good luck with that and best wishes!!!

apart from that!!!

keep up the good work and talking about rare mangas!!

saludos from argentina as always!!

jimpac said...

A same hat forum would surely rock. Too tired to go into the reasons why. :S

Ryan S said...

@Azraelito: Thanks buddy--- I'm happy with the mix of crappy/ugly site and functional stuff. It should always be about the CONTENT of the POSTS (and the comments from you guys) and not so much about what the site looks like.

@jimpac: thanks dude! Just added my Tweets and Shared reader items to the SH sidebar :)

Jaclyn said...

The banner looks so awesome.

and I'd love it if there was a forum. If I find a good forum I'm usually a dedicated poster, and having a forum for the kinds of things talked about on the SameHat blog with several people with similar interests and tastes posting.. oh god thinking about it just fills me with joy. =D

Ryan S said...

@jaclyn: Thanks, I'll tell Evan you like it :)

Yeah, the idea of a ghost town forum makes me really sad, so I've been dubious about launching one. But the comments don't really provide a venue for us to all talk and interact. It's part of my plan for eventually!