Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Noticed this video on the Le Lezard Noir blog featuring the works of Suehiro Maruo. Le Lezard Noir is one of the French publishers of the works of Same Hat, and a good friend of Same Hat.

Le Lezard Noir publishes the French editions of Maruo titles such as Lunatic Lover's, The Laughing Vampire, and Yume no Q-saku.

Midori the Camellia Girl by Suehiro Maruo is published by Editions IMHO. Le Lezard worked with animator Florian Martine to create this ad promoting their sites. Nifty stuff, huh?


Anonymous said...


alexmercado said...

some of the most beautiful vampiric imagery i've ever seen by suehiro. Well that's what i assume the kid is since, i've never seen it translate, only the originals.

Ryan S said...

@Marriage: yeah, seems low cost but very nice.

@alexmercado: Here is my favorite vampire imagery by Maruo:

Le Lezard Noir said...

Hi There
if you choose HQ instead of SD it apperars of better quality
thanks !
stephane - le lezard noir

Ryan S said...

@Stephane... Thanks for sharing!

Le Lezard Noir said...


Luiz H. said...

I've added a small soundtrack for this video, which can be seen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irBMN4FtY-I

Don't forget to leave a comment and see my other video!

Ryan S said...

@Le Lezard: Thanks for the HQ link, updated the post when you sent it!

@Luiz: Very cool, thanks for the link-- I enjoyed it. Hope that Le Lezard takes a peak too :B

Luiz H. said...

@ryan: Actually, I've already sent him this video ^^. Feel free to spread it around if you want, though :)