Friday, August 07, 2009


Fresh news from the blog, the hip boutique BEAMS has released another set of shirts in their line of collaborations with Kazuo Umezu. Previously blogged shirts included Drifting Classroom, Orochi, and other designs-- along with the classic red & white stripe Umezu classic T.

The focus in this batch? Makoto-chan! Working with design firm, Otooto22, BEAMS has released three new shirt designs, in a number of colorways. Check 'em out:

[click here for detail, here for on a model]

[click here for detail]

[click here for on a model]

All shirts are 6000yen, and available at BEAMS shops in Japan.


Andre said...

I'm in Tokyo the week after next.
Any tips what to see/buy when I'm there(apart from the usual tourist stuff)? The same hat google map has already been a help.

Like going to look at the Gundam in Odaiba.

Ryan S said...

@Andre: Ooh, congrats on the trip! I have a set list of stuff I usually recommend to people going to Tokyo.

gonna add a bunch of new stuff to the Same Hat Guide to Everything now, and re-post to folks on the blog to add things too :)

DLS said...

I definitely want one!

GWZ said...

Is there ANY way to get hold of Beams t-shirts outside of Japan? Their web page states only domestic shipping. Man, I'm getting the Umezz shakes bad. I NEED some of those t-shirts!