Thursday, September 17, 2009


I got a rad and unexpected email from David, who runs the comics magazine kuš! in Latvia. He worked to curate a crazy show featuring TINY pieces of art by 150+ artists from 38 different countries. The show, from what I have read on ArtSlant, was part of Survival Kit, a series of art events in Riga, Latvia.

This included a number of European artists, some Americans and also Same Hat indie manga favorites like Kago and Ichiba. [A full listing of participating artists is available on the exhibit blog.]

Here is the show explanation from their blog:
kuš! invited artists from all over the world to create a drawing about a last match on a tiny paper which fits into a matchbox. the whole exhibition fits into several matchboxes and therefore demonstrates that out of something small you can make something big.

So that's what 150 matchbox-sized pieces looks like...

Shintaro Kago

Daisuke Ichiba

Minoru Sugiyama

Shinya Komatsu

Tom Gauld

Shaun Tan

Check out their Flickr gallery to see all 151 pieces in the show. The show runs this week Saturday (9/19/09) at Lacplesu iela 37 in Riga. Thanks for sharing this with us, David!


Wangie said...

Whoa!!! I wish I could see this show in person, but Flickr will have to do!

ify said...

I was so surprised to read about something happening in Latvia here :D I felt so happy. Sorry Angie I was there during the White Night & enjoyed the Survival Kit. Long live kuš! and Š! °..°

Ryan S said...

@Angie: I wish i could be there too. The main thing about the internet lately is that it functions to show me stuff I can't see in person (and desperately want to).

@ify: This was my first exposure to contemporary Latvia-- kuš and Š seem like really awesome magazines :) I love hearing about local comics communities, so if you have more details please post them!!