Tuesday, September 15, 2009


[This is the first in a series of three guest posts by the awesome guys from Tokyo Scum Brigade! Dr. Senbei and Voidmare attendws the Umezz Carnival 2009 this past weekend and are guest posting here with reports. Please enjoy, and many thanks, guys!! -Ryan]

It takes a real stand-up guy to throw a party for your friends on your own birthday, but Umezu Kazuo does just that with the annual Umezz Carnival. The hundred and fifty odd fans who showed up were swagged silly just for walking through the door.

Close ups are in the Picasa album!

Guests were immediately greeted by a merch table decked out with the latest editions of manga in addition to wind-up figures and various odds and ends. It seems fairly standard until you reach the end…

…and your wallet shrieks in terror at the sight of these upcoming figures! It warms my heart to see not one, but two Orochi figures, and in her nurse outfit to boot. It’s like they dug a niche into a niche. Look forward to the Umezified Baltan Alien at this month’s Super Festival Kaiju Gyo is a different beast altogether—good luck landing this guy if you miss the pre-order!

Sorry about the glare!

Down the hall is a collection of photography that is also on display at the Ukiyo-E gallery. Luckily, this time our cameras were allowed inside.

Check out the albums below for more!

Drifting Classroom has been generating a lot of buzz thanks to the current drama Drifting Net Café, but the stage dramatization flew completely under our radar! Anyone out there lucky enough to score tickets?

All this and we haven’t even started with the main event: A three hour talk show with Umezu, his assistant Kaneko Demerin and others, a rare showing of the Cat Eyed Boy Geki-mation, special musical guests, and a life changing dance show spectacular! Stay tuned for the goods in the next installment.

GALLERY: Umezz Carnival Pics

GALLERY: Umezz Carnival Merchandise and Main Hallway


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jimpac said...

Great post; looking forward to the next two installments. Also, soooo wish I could have been there!