Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I saw some cool pictures on the PictureBox site today. It seems that Same Hat favorite. Yuichi Yokoyama (Travel, New Engineering, Garden) was commissioned to create a massive mural at the NIKE flagship store in Harajuku. These photos taken from a NIKE HARAJUKU blog post:

This comes on the heels of his wall and store interior designs for the New People center in San Francisco. It seems like Yokoyama is turning into the go-to guy in Japan if you want to spice up

Since we're talking about PictureBox, it's worth noting that they now have some rad stuff by Takashi Nemoto for sale in their online shop, including a gallery exhibit poster from TrancePop, and two signed prints!

[Thanks to Jim for the head's up on the Nemoto stuff!]


Ramen Adventures said...

They were handing out free magazines with the Yokoyama drawings in them on the street last weekend.

Anonymous said...

Very nice drawings!

zytroop said...

nemoto print, hmmmmmmmmmm.

btw does anyone know of other manga men and women who has originals or prints available for overseas customers? Expensive Yokoyamas can be found at PictureBox Gallery and Le Dernier Cri sells posters by Ichiba Daisuke, Sekitani Norikito, Nemoto and Keiti Ota (don't know how he transliterates his name) but those two places are the only ones I know of.

Ryan S said...

@brian: makes sense, sounds nice :)

@zytroop: those are the two main ones that I know of that sell prints & originals directly. The other ways I know of all involve either trolling Yahoo auctions, or getting someone in country to order and then ship over to you-- which is sorta annoying and luck of the draw... hrmmm.

Deb said...

i have an extra copy of the yokoyama / harajuku nike store tabloid, if you'd like one.

Ryan S said...

@deb: Thanks for the offer, Deb. I'm probably fine though, please save the tabloid for someone else or use it as a cool wrapping paper! :)