Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Our man Shintaro Kago is setting himself a rapid pace in 2010, posting a fresh batch of seven peculiar Daily Strips on his site. As usual, here they are with my quick fan translations!

Before getting to the daily strips, it's worth noting that Shintaro Kago did a major update to the B&W originals section of his overseas mail order page, which now includes a number of smaller pieces (many of them originally daily strips themselves) that go for $30-$50 USD. These are selling fast, but would be a great way to get yourself an original Kago piece for a great price!

Monday - Bride with one month left live

Tuesday - PM Hatoyama's gift envelope (to himself)
Says: Costs 'bout 100 Million yen?
Bag - "New Year's Gift"

Wednesday - Eczema Park

Thursday - Russian roulette nipples
Says: Which one's poisoned?!

Friday - Cat & Duck joins forces to cheer up Yui-chan
Says: Ahhh, so good!

Saturday - Elderly death row inmate's final meal
Clockwise from top: "Sweet Red Bean Soup, Konjac Jelly, Isobe Mochi"

Sunday - The Grateful Crane [a Japanese folk tale]
Says: "Thanks you!"

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