Wednesday, February 03, 2010


We're knee-deep in another week, and a new batch of Shintaro Kago gag comics have surfaced on his site. I'm super-impressed with Kago's tenacity, and happy to present them here (with my rought & tumble quick translations). Enjoy!

Monday - Dresser (Tansu) Deposits
Says: You deposit your dresser, and then withdraw it later... with interest!

Tuesday - Yakiniku for One

Wednesday - BARUSU! バルス!
I don't get this one... a Castle in the Sky joke? Comment if you have info! -Ryan

Thursday - Low-budget air raid(Moist towelettes)

Friday - Handshake

Saturday - Breastfeeding

Sunday - Half-Off Ticket Magic Show
Says: Restoring you back to 50%!

(You can check out all the previous Kago strips by clicking the daily strips label)

In unrelated news, I got some .98 stamps and am starting to send postcards to international folks. This is part of my new year's resolution to send mail every single day the post office is open in 2010. I'm 24 for 25 so far, and going strong.


That Girl said...

Sending daily postcards sounds awesome... I would love to do so even weekly! :)
Sending and receiving mail is so fun in this age of everything instant.

Phantom of Pulp said...

Extremely interesting.

Such a talent.

jimpac said...

Cool. I look forward to receiving mine :-) Also, I finally managed to post that Maruo article for you today.

astro98 said...

haha. Tuesday and Thursday's are great.

Mr Alchemy said...

'Saturday - Breastfeeding' really made me flinch. just when you think you've been desensitized...

Ben said...

Wednesday seems to be satirical shot of a woman with thick makeup.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Wednesday comic is trying to represent how fleeting physical beauty can be. Though artists often try to leave a lot up to what the viewer can draw from the art.