Thursday, February 11, 2010


Just a quick little post before new Kago Daily strips and another fantastic set of early manga days scans...


A (relatively) short trip, I'll be there exactly one week (from 2/25/10 to 3/4/10) The agenda so far is:

  • Crash with my buddy RameNate and drink beers in Golden Gai, eat ramen & see shows, ride bikes, read and discuss manga (and translations thereof).

  • Hang out with other friends in the area, like The Notorious I-Shi-I, Mr. MCVMCV, the Tokyo Scum dudes, and other friends!

  • See the AX gallery show at Billiken Shokai gallery, featuring original art by dozens and dozens of mangaka featured in AX over the years (Including Suehiro Maruo, Yusaku Hanakuma, Takashi Nemoto, and basically everyone else we've ever posted about on Same Hat).

SO PUMPED RIGHT NOW! I'm going to pick up a lot of goodies from TACO CHE, and will definitely have giveaways and contests when I get back for you guys... along with tons of photos. If you have any recommendations, lemme know in the comments or on the Same Hat Guide to Everything!


Flopbury said...

GET SOME kago stuff and scan it plissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Ryan S said...

If i can I'll high-five him and then make a plaster mold of my hand!

Echo said...

You should buy a t-shirt from Beams while you're there for me ):

Or order a Kago Shintaro shirt from WhiteFuctory!

I can paypal in advance.

Azraelito said...

First of all, Have a nice trip!

Apart from that, please photos of bizarre mangas that you found or whatever author you find!!

In conclusion enjoy it and have a good week!!

ps: VERY COOL the ax gallery! I think if I see that, I die there!!


Jaclyn said...

I hope you have a great trip! enjoy it! :D


Very happy to hear you're going. Out of curiosity, how much were plane tickets? I plan on possibly going this Summer myself.

Ryan S said...

@Echo :) i'll see if i get a chance, not sure which Beams shop i'll manage to get to this time...

@Azraelito: I'll take lots of photos, both at the used book shops and at the gallery show!

@jaclyn: thanks! I'll try to send a postcard from there :)

@FT: I shopped around on Kayak and JTB, the best rates for this time of year from SF to Tokyo was a little over $700... Summer is usually a bit pricier though! good luck!

m.h. said...

taking my first trip to japan this summer. my first time out of the country ever, actually. excited, to say the least. same hat has provided plenty of good tips for things to check out, i look forward to picking up a few more from your upcoming trip.

as far as air prices go, i got hands down the best rate on vayama, but this was back in...november, and i don't think prices have improved since (i'm flying out of the midwest, so that has something to do with it too, probably...)

Ryan S said...

@Matt: Cool, dude! Hope you have a great trip. I'll try to make sure to update the SHGTE map and blog as I hear about new stuff.

Flying out of LA or NYC seems to be the cheapest. That said, when I was in high school and got to go twice on different scholarships to Japan (my first trips like that ever!) I flew northwest from Detroit to Tokyo. Since Northwest's main hub is there, it was a pretty good flight. Then again, that was like 10 years ago :)


alexmercado said...

deliciously jealous here... have a laugh or two. visit the big striped house of your uncle.

Ryan S said...

@alex: it is definitely on my agenda :)