Tuesday, October 05, 2010


We haven't posted lately about our friend Shintaro Kago, but that doesn't mean he hasn't been keeping busy! Between gags and a longer "sumo detective" comic for the eManga periodical ComiCloud, Kago has also been working on a new book called アナモルフォシスの冥獣 (Dark Beast Animorphosis), which sounds like a twisted kaiju science fiction/monster comic. AWESOME!

I'm not sure of many of the details about this book, but did find a great series of videos on this new "ANIMORPHOSIS" blog of Kago penciling and inking a few panels from the book. They don't give away much plot-wise, but the level of precision and detail he puts into his line work always amazes me. I was lucky enough to snag two pieces of his original work, and I find myself often squinting and staring at them in our hallway remaking on the insane cross-hatching, dot tones, and fine inking. No matter the subject matter, magazine or medium, dude is truly impressive.

I'll dig around for more information on this book (coming out this week on November 18, 2010) and will post them on Same Hat. In the meantime, enjoy these videos!

Video 1 of 2

Video 2 of 2

Consolidated 2x speed video!


Pearce said...

Ah what a treat! Thanks a lot!
I always hope I'm gonna learn some secret technique to how my favourite artists work when I see vids like these but nope, it's just plain old drawing skill. Dammit!

Sootoo said...

Much love for this great post! Stuff like this, you see much too little.

chrismandesign said...

this man is a superb artist that pays a lot attention to details & that has a lot of patience to do such a magnificent work... what a pity that i´m not so familiarized with manga artist & manga artworks, but watching this, i couldn’t not love this stuff =)

Anonymous said...

Looks great I want to grab it when he finishes it

Anonymous said...

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mxxbock said...

omfg!!! this videos kills my good mood,today
just coming home from a good day of cartooning at my work (newspaper)and now i see this inhuman attention to detail and mega ultra skillful use of nib-and-ink.

alexmercado said...

yowza thanks for this.
he is a monster!
Now i can understand his inking technique, i always wondered what he
used... i actually have one of those
but i don't have the patience and dexterity he does, he really is a magician with that ink