Sunday, October 31, 2010


It's Halloween already, which means our favorite manga event of the year has arrived... and sadly, already passed! That's right, Kazuo Umezu's birthday and accompanying Umezz Festival! Never fear, you manga fans unable to attend due to geographic and temporal restrictions-- as with last year, our buddies over at Tokyo Scum Brigade were there documenting and participating in UMEZZ CARNIVAL 2010!

In a series of posts on their blog, Voidmare & Dr. Senbei covered the actual Umezz Carnival, along with his live rock concert and the accompanying animation festival. Here is the list of must-read posts (The 1st post includes bonus Demerin-as-Hebi Onna cosplay pics!)

+ Umezu Carnival 2010
"This year, the Kichijoji Theater provided the backdrop for a three-tiered event grounded with a talk show delving into the man's obsession with snakes, followed by an appearance by anime diva Horie Mitsuko, then topped off with a performance by his band CAPS!! and the Gwash dancers."

+ Umezu Rock Live 2010
"If anything, retiring from manga has given him the time to focus on his second passion: Music. Umezu began writing songs for popular musicians back in the 70's and even recorded two full length CDs, Yami no Album (The Darkness Album) and Gwash!! Makoto-Chan/Umezu Kazuo World. The Umezu Carnival is held both to celebrate his birthday and scratch the rockstar itch that has been driving him batty for the past quarter of a century."

+ Kichijoji Animation Festival
"The 5th annual Kichijoji Film Festival was held yesterday as part of Kichijoji Anime Wonderland. Hometown animation companies Studio 4 C and studio Studio Deen, as well as manga publisher Coamix, were there to represent their turf. They were backed up by academic manga researchers from Kyoto Seika University, Takekuma Kentaro and Tsugata Nobuyuku."

ALSO FOR ADDED PLEASURE: Your the Man Now, Umezu

Unrelated to Umezu, I'm curious to know if anyone did horror/indie manga cosplay this year? Last year's bunch was fantastic... please email me any photos and I'll post them up! My buddy Moni and her BF dressed up as Maruo characters...

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