Sunday, November 28, 2010


These images came in via the Same Hat Tumblr's open submissions form :) Same Hat reader Han was recently in Tokyo and saw an amazing exhibit of pieces from the "Kitahara Collection" at the Mori Gallery in Tokyo.

Many, many thanks to Han for sharing these amazing photographs! Once again, Same Hat readers prove themselves to be the coolest and most generous comic fans on the interwebs. Han, you rule! If you like what you see below, check out the complete Kitahara Collection photos.

Poster pattern frenzy!

A wall full of Tadanori Yokoo poster prints. I think I would have straight-up fainted on the spot.

Signed piece by Yokoo-- this poster was adopted as a poster campaign by some national onsen organization, remember seeing it earlier this year while visiting Nate in Nakano at a public bathhouse.

Damn, the tiny details on these Yokoo pieces never cease to amaze me.

Giant robots / record players!

Does anyone recognize this sculptor/artist's work?

These look to be paintings by Imiri Sakabashira, but someone correct me if I'm wrong...

Astro Boy redux

Click here to check out the rest of this great set of images.


TLittle said...

I was curious about the sculptor as well. Didn't research too far before coming across this:

I leave it to others to find out more about Masao Kinoshita.

Tony Gent said...

does anyone know the artist behind these paintings?

Evan said...

Teleport me there!

chrismandesign said...

amazing artists, all of them totally unknown & for that very reason more appealing for me... oh my delicious ignorance !!! =)

Christopher Butcher said...

Hey Ryan! I was actually at this exhibition while I was in Japan, it really is awesome. I'm doing some background research on the artists, and I'll hopefully have an annotated blog posting up with more pics and art next week.

- Chris,

Mark Wilson said...

This is a nice information that has been shared here. Really great job done. Nice article.

Azraelito said...

Ryan, yesterday I receveid a postal of Lady Gaga...

Wow, thanks a lot. It was a nice surprise for me. Really thanks a lot for that one, I am complete disaster with letter.

I hope you are allright!!

I promise to write you an email before new year!!

Saludos to you and Evan...

Ryan S said...

@Chinggis: Cool lead, I'm gonna go dig around more. The main piece is always finding the name in Kanji, seems like he shares a name with a famous post-war businessman :(

@Tony: I don't recognize the artists, hoping Chris caught the name

@Evan: There's always something crackling in the JP

@chrisman: I know, right? I love seeing faves like Yokoo but it's the unknowns that stoke my mind.

@Chris: Looking forward to that post! The flickr set from Han is full-up of goodies.

@Mark: Glad you enjoyed it! The real thanks goes to Han :)

@azraelito: Of course, my man. Glad it arrived to you in one piece!

Anonymous said...

Off topic:

Le lezard noir releases latest Maruo´s work:

Unknown said...

some more kinoshita linkzies

2(3-5[278-25678]) said...

The without-skin rabbit is just wonderfull.