Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Exciting news for Shintaro Kago and monster manga fans! The cover of his new manga, アナモルフォシスの冥獣 (The Dark Beast Animorphosis), has just been published on the ANIMORPHOSIS blog:

Here is a video of Shintaro Kago inking this cover illustration. I read on Kago's twitter that he just finished proofing the book a week or two ago... The book is scheduled to be published in in Japan on 11/18/2010, published by コアマガジン (Core Magazine).

UPDATE: Here's a newly-added description of the book on
事件や事故の現場を再現し被害者の霊を呼び出す降霊イベント”ア ナモルフォシスの館”。特撮セットの中で非業の死を遂げた男の霊 の降霊に成功するが、イベント参加者の男女6人が次々と怪死を遂 げていく・・・。(帯文) 前作「フラクション」で第三回世界バカミス☆アワードを受賞し、 ミステリ漫画家としても評価の高まる駕籠真太郎の133ページ もの単行本書き下ろし長編第二弾。著者の特撮への造詣の深さを思 わせる小ネタ、オカルト描写など、これまでの駕籠真太郎作品の別 解釈+αがてんこ盛り。一挙書き下ろしを通じて新たなマンガ体験 をお楽しみください。書き下ろしと同時収録されるのは、全て単行 本未収録の短編が9本。

Will post a quick translation when I'm not riding on a bus (feel free to Google Translate or suggest one in the comments)

UPDATE 2: They added a short book trailer for the title as well:


Luiz said...

Now that's some pretty neat stuff.

From what I could understand reading the description it seems to be something around a case involving 6 young couples who were able to communicate with the spirit of a man who died from some unnatural cause and since then each one of then would experience some weird death.

Since my japanese isn't really something that great I could be totally mistaken :P

Kumar Sivasubramanian said...

Man, that is one wild cover!

alexmercado said...

that trailer is wild. the music and vocals... damn what is that song!
ito is friggin' amazing! in the right hands his stuff can be adapted into some stellar films.

Daphnis P. said...

I read the first pages, the manga starts qith a TV crew playing a joke on some famous "talento". They drug him, kidnap him in his sleep end put him in a godzilla like costume in a studio reproduced small scale Tokyo. Cameras are shooting. When he wakes up, he believes he was reincarnated in some kinf of kaiju for his night life excesses, then some actor playing the sentai hero appears to kick his ass. Something goes wrong when the special effect explosions occur, and the guy dies as a godzilla impersonator. Later, a group of people is introduced to the set, seeking the thrill of spendng a night in a haunted spot...