Friday, June 10, 2011


This quick post was spurred by a question asked over on the Same Hat TUMBLR (which, by the way, has remained very active the past two months even as Same Hat proper was languishing). strangeandstranger asked about finding evidence online of Junji Ito's "CAT DIARIES"...?

Somehow I'd missed this manga's release, but it turns out it is a real thing that actually exists!

There book is called 伊藤潤二の猫日記 よん&むー ("Junji Ito's Cat Diaries: Yon & Muu"), and here is the listing on It looks like the book is about 116 pages and pretty cheap, a one-off collection published by Kodansha.

I dug around the internets and found some panels to share. Enjoy!

There's more about Junji Ito's cat insanity here on this Japanese blog about cats and this other blog by a Junji Ito fan.

And in case you've forgotten who we are dealing with, hear is a wonderfully eerie (and oddly romantic) photograph of Junji Ito:

[As a final piece of Junji Ito miscellany, here is some Ito ASCII art I found on a Japanese message board!]

UPDATE!: Lovely readers of the Same Hat Tumblr have alerted me to the fact that a Yon & Muu scanlation does exist (and was posted recently). If you feel so include you can check it out at MANGA READER and MANGAFOX.


Okada said...

Wow, it's been a while since the last time I posted here hehe :)

Well, I just want to share that Junji Ito's Black Paradox is also been translated.

There also a short compilation, of more of Ito's stuff scanlated here


Anonymous said...

Just read it. It's pretty cat

Ryan S said...

@Okada: Thanks for all the great links! And welcome back, buddy. Happy to restart the blog properly!

@Anonymous: You're pretty cat

Luca said...

thanks for all the ito links!!

Is there an online translation for matsumoto`s number 5?

zytroop said...

At first you think that it will be a cute cat story but then it gets UTTERLY CREEPY. Creepier than many other Ito things. The cats are so unsettling!

Deb Aoki said...

ha! i bought this in JP last year, and have been bugging Vertical to license it. it's basically the anti-Chi's Sweet Home. ;-)

Holt said...
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Unknown said...

Can I trnslate it into Vietnamese for my group at
Thank you!