Saturday, October 29, 2011


Holy crap, it's time again! Halloween is upon us and like every year I wanna know... is anyone dressing up as anything horror-manga related? If you're on the fence, let me present this still awesome tutorial on horror manga make-up! (I've posted it every Halloween since we started!)

In previous years, the Same Hat community has shared some intense and rad costumes. If you bust out a manga-related costume and wanna share, please send it to SAMEHAT at GMAIL doot COM and I'll post it after the weekend! Can't wait to see what folks come up with... I wonder what the Tokyo Scum guys will bust out this year?

(PS: If you wondered, I'm working on a Reverend Harry Powell (from Night of the Hunter) costume, if I can get my act together!)

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Holt said...

I want to go as Chicken George from Fourteen.