Friday, October 28, 2011



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This shirt features a design by JONNY NEGRON, and lettering by MICHAEL DEFORGE. I’m planning to sell it in sizes XS -XXXL depending on what you want, and it’s looking like it will be around $16-18 bucks depending on how many we print. I’m getting printing help from apparel wizard/buddy SEIBEI, and he says the shirts will be a supersoft print on a high-grade American Apparel Men's tee.

I am planning to have the shirts at the Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Festival on December 3 (where DeForge/Negron will be in person too) and then selling via this site right beforehand!

And yes, creating an actual t-shirt means that I plan to fully revive Same Hat with regular posting!


JE said...

I am down for a shirt or two (hopefully I get the size correct), if you'll ship out here.

zytroop said...


zky829 said...

I can't promise that I will definitely buy one due to studently broke-ness, but I really want it...the design is cool, but the "SAME HAT" kills me!

Anonymous said...

i most certainly want one, same hat ftw

ryan said...

@JE: Yes, happily!
@zytroop: :))))
@zky829: I'll have them for a while, and hope to give a bunch away via contests too. and yes, DeForge's lettering is incredible I want him to design the lettering on my tombstone
@anon: thanks!!

Brendan said...

*Same shirt! Same shirt!*

Brendan said...

or this

Anonymous said...

hey are you planning on restocking sometime? I'd buy one, I was lazy/broke for the first round