Thursday, May 16, 2013


Guys, oh my god Guysssssss. GUYS!

The Strange Tale of Panorama Island by Suehiro Maruo is now on sale and available direct from the publisher, Last Gasp!!!


The book is hefty and sexy, and over-sized at 6" x 8.5" with gold-foil on the cover! 272 pages and hardcover, I'm SO EXCITED to share this book with the Same Hat crew. It was a long time in the making, but I am confident you will dig it.

Major thanks and adoration to Same Hat co-founder Evan Hayden for his masterful lettering and book design, and Colin at Last Gasp for believing in the project.

They are shipping direct orders now, and I understand book will be making their way to shops in the next 2 weeks in the United States, and then percolating out after that! If you'd like your local comics stop to carry the book, please have them contact Last Gasp directly via their site.

HERE ARE SOME PREVIEW PICS! (via our friend Deb Aoki's Twitter feed!)



me. said...

This looks really neat, a copy duly ordered!.

Pedro Camargo said...

HOORAY!!! The book looks gorgeous! So glad you ship to Brazil! Just ordered a copy!

zytroop said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah! (Shipping cost $35 to Germany, holy shit, need to save up for this gem I guess..)

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

just received my copy, its awesome. The hardback feels so light in my hands, the art is amazing. Easily one of the most beautiful books out there.I put it right back in the bubble wrap, thats how good it is. Its totally worth the 1228INR i spent on it. Great work guys. \m/

Alex said...

Congratulations. I've been anticipating this release for years now. Glad to see it really exists. Will be ordering a copy next month.

Kaout Choux said...

Take a look at this insane video made by a french artist, certainly influenced by Maruo : so rad !
Obviously he was published, a few years ago, by "Le dernier cri".

Anonymous said...

blog dead :/

Evan said...

Evan here. I co-founded the site with Ryan wayyyy back in the day. It's been a while since the old Same Hat has been updated, but if you're wondering what Ryan and I have been up to, here are relevant things!:

Ryan's been running an awesome publishing label called Youth in Decline and putting out all kinds of arty indie comics and art compilations. Check out his stuff at

As for me, I continue to letter manga & do book design, although I've gone pro this past few years, so no more scanlating. In addition to the Last Gasp stuff Ryan talked about here, I've been doing stuff for Kodansha Comics / Random House, titles such as Junji Ito's Cat Diary, Hiroaki Samura's Die Wergelder, Ninja Slayer, and others. Also, you can check my art out at

So anyway, we haven't forgotten about our Same Hat baby, but life has brought us both in some exciting places, and I really think when you trace it back, it's thanks to this blog. This comment may be read by no one for all I know, but if you are a Same Hat friend and are reading this, thank you for all your support over the years!

Unknown said...

Hi I'm not sure this message will get to you after all this time but I just wanted to say thanks for your work and spreading the message about Suehiro Maruo. Truly a special artist. I really have greatly enjoyed reading my copy of Panorama Island and I'm also planning on purchasing the Maruographs because I want to show my support and hopefully encourage more of his works to be published.

At the very least it seems reasonable to think that maybe some of his more 'tame' selections like Dr. Inugami and The Laughing Vampire could find a publisher in the future. Of course Blast Books has the most essential Shoujo Tsubaki already, and Creation did Ultra Gash Inferno but the copy I received is a god awful print and after doing research it would seem Creation was actually stealing from artists rather than paying them. Its a shame because I like the UGI anthology and I doubt that will ever be published in English ever again.

Anyway just wanted to come and voice my support as a rabid fan of Suehiro Maruo manga and art! Thanks again, bye.