Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Happy to announce a new short by the macabre master, Suehiro Maruo. PLEASE ENJOY! < /hell yess! >

This story was originally published in the Japanese collection "New National Kid" in 1999.

page 1
page 2
page 3

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Derek Yu said...

"It seems I died that night." Damn, that is fucking harsh!! I like this guy's work.

dob said...


ryan & evan said...

derek- glad you dug it. We have an 8-page comic and another, 20-25 page story by him coming up. Homeboy does gore/slash/fascist chic RIGHT!

dob- thanks! glad to hear that you are checking this blog out!


bryan said...

i do love Maruo's work!
gotta love his artwork in the Naked City album.

ryan & evan said...

thanks bryan!

we've got two coming soon:
"the gold notebook" & another, (a 3-parter) "poison strawberry". look forward to getting them online for english-speaking maruo fans like you (and us!)

whisperdryad said...

Wow, that was totally scary.

ryan & evan said...

seriously! Totttttaly scary. glad you dug it!

Anonymous said...

That was kinda funny. I laughed a li'l.

Agostinho said...

I´m from Brazil and here we have only two translation of Maruo´s books. I like his work, he is amazing.
Your blog give me the chance to kwow more things about Mauruo. Thanks...

J-M said...

That was pretty good.

ive read all of his other stuff you have on your site and i was wondering if anyone knows wether Ultra gash inferno is REALLy worth buying. it costs £98 from amazon.