Monday, April 11, 2005


A short post today, since I'm feeling a bit under the weather. On Saturday, after checking out the booths at APE, and seeing Los Brothers Hernandez, Seth, Dan Clowes, Adrian Tomine and Johnny Ryan, we headed over to J-Town for dinner. We also visited Kinokuniya and picked up NEW MANGA to translate!

The first thing we bought was a copy of the first volume of Kazuo Umezu's Baptism, which was later adapted into the movie Baptism of Blood. It is the story of a beauty-obsessed woman who attempts a brain transplant on her daughter, leading to horrific, g-ross results.

The second book we got is a collection of short stories by Junji Ito called "Rojiura," much akin to the look and feel of the stories in FLESH-COLORED HORROR. This collection includes some like "The Town with No Roads," "The Ice Cream Bus," "Memory," "The Smoking Club," and one called "The Back Alley." It looks to be really really beautiful and creepy.

Along with more gag strips from Yoshida Sensha, and two more strips by Maruo (a 7-pager and a 20-pager), we will be hoping to put up pages from these collections soon! Tomorrow Wednesday, we'll be putting up the strip that supplied the bottom half of the zine cover. Also, I'm mailing a few copies of the zine off tomorrow to those of you who asked for them!

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