Saturday, April 09, 2005

daddy's little helper

Please enjoy our latest Yoshida Sensha strip!

as usual, please read from right-to-left.

In other news, I just read Kazuo Umezu's Orochi:Blood... Now I wish I could track down the entire series, as this one is apparently book six of a reoccuring story Umezu wrote. Also, reading up on this, came across this, an interesting explanation of the mythological Orochi. Wheeee


Max Doty said...

Hey Ryan,

I picked up your booklet at APE. Nice work, man! That shit is hot, especially the titular 'Same Hat' strip. Looking forward to reading your zombies comic.


ryan & evan said...

hey max, glad you liked our mini-labor of love! that's cool that you got ahold of a book-- we left a bunch on the tables before we left on saturday. didn't run into you, but i hope you had a nice time-- we were surprised to see los brothers hernandez there, along with tomine, seth, dan clowes and johnny ryan!

Max Doty said...


Fuck! I missed them bros... And Dan Clowes! Oh well, at least Seth's suit was awesome.