Saturday, April 09, 2005

daddy's little helper

Please enjoy our latest Yoshida Sensha strip!

as usual, please read from right-to-left.

In other news, I just read Kazuo Umezu's Orochi:Blood... Now I wish I could track down the entire series, as this one is apparently book six of a reoccuring story Umezu wrote. Also, reading up on this, came across this, an interesting explanation of the mythological Orochi. Wheeee


Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan,

I picked up your booklet at APE. Nice work, man! That shit is hot, especially the titular 'Same Hat' strip. Looking forward to reading your zombies comic.


Ryan said...

hey max, glad you liked our mini-labor of love! that's cool that you got ahold of a book-- we left a bunch on the tables before we left on saturday. didn't run into you, but i hope you had a nice time-- we were surprised to see los brothers hernandez there, along with tomine, seth, dan clowes and johnny ryan!

Anonymous said...


Fuck! I missed them bros... And Dan Clowes! Oh well, at least Seth's suit was awesome.