Sunday, April 03, 2005

beware, backwash falls!!

BOOOO. It's rainy and dreary on this Sunday night. Thank the maker for daylight savings though-- now it wont be dark when I get out of work. Spring has sprung-- usher out the rainstorms and hoodies, and usher in night breezes, gfs in skirts, spring haircuts and the beginning of blockbuster movie season!

if you haven't seen SIN CITY yet, then you need to get yourself off the streets and into a movie theater, my friend!

ENJOY the latest Yoshida Sensha strip:

as usual, please read from right-to-left.

we'd love to have this blog be more interactive, so please leave any comments you have! since SIN CITY came out this weekend, maybe we can chat movies. what comic book adapation OR j-horror remake are you looking forward to this year?


Anonymous said...

Sin City was ... interesting. They got the look of things exactly right ... the approach and technique and everything pretty much blew me away, but it wasn't that great as a movie. I just found out that the directors called it a "translation to film," not an adaptation. Huh.

I'm not really looking forward to any comic adaptation movies. That way I can't be disappointed.

The ultra-chop cartoon is on my dorm room door and now I am the most popular person on campus. Thank you, Same Hat!! (feel free to use this testimonial for purposes of propaganda)

Ryan said...

thanks for the comments. nice to know that one our comics (that is, Sensha's comics!) made it up on the door of your dorm room. We want credit and naming rights for any babies that results from subsequent makeout sessions, after this spike in same hat-inspired popularity!

On the movie front, I'm gonna have to say that i disagree about Sin City-- your feelings for the movie are way too lukewarm for my liking! yes, the movie was SPLENDIDLY breathtaking, the technique and animation and cgi was amazing, (all things that EW and TIME would agree with you on), but beyond all that the movie itself (stories, pacing, acting) was suberbly executed. The film's a crime-noir serial drama, and some people have complained like, "all the characters/stories seem the same!!" DUH, dude :B

Along with the obviously fresh Mickey Rourke and Clive Owen, -- rudger hauer, elijah wood, nick stahl and rosario dawson all satiated my hard-boiled archetype hunger with their depictions. and let's not forget-- SO MUCH TORTURE! the most torture i've seen in a film since... Kichiku? and that ain't nothing to sneeze at.

I really haven't found myself enjoying barely any blockbuster/mainstream movie in the past two years, but i literally enjoyed every minute of this flick and was grinning in my seat. our crew was split between those who LOVED this movie, and those who just got wow'd by the effects, but didnt swallow the rest. I'm happy to say I fall squarely and unabashedly in the first camp.

with this movie, i'm smugly pleased that rodriguez fought the right fights, stuck to miller's vision and allowed him (the writer) to have such a heavy hand on the film, at the cost of even having to quit the screen director's guild so that they could have co-director credits. hopefully this experience has changed frank miller (who was NOTORIOUSLY and rightfully against optioning out any of his creations), and he can go ahead with the rest of the sin city stories and maybe even that Martha Washington adaptation he's been hoping to do!

adaptations i can't WAIT for: a scanner darkly
adaptations that sounds too crazy to be true: nic cage as GHOST RIDER!?
adaptations that are doomed from the start: V for Vendatta by the 2nd unit director of the second matrix movies?!