Tuesday, July 11, 2006


If you bought me these, I'd love you forever!
These can be found on and around Umezz's official site. SO TIGHT!

Umezz 50th Anniversary shirt

Check out this Nekome Kozo shirt (also, check out Umezu himself in the shirt!)

Orochi shirt (click for other colors!)

OMG! Amazing shirt!

DANG! Another amazing shirt!


miultimodia said...

off topic: just to say THANKS!! for the suehiro maruo tranlations. I like them a lot, they're great (especially the gold notebook & totally scary)

Anonymous said...

On the Maruo note, does anyone have ANY more information about him ? Bar he's a self taught ex-shoplifter blah, blah, that's on the net already ? Anything at allllll ?
Those T-shirts are sweet. Particularly the top one, I'd also quite like a hat like he's wearing on that.

Ryan said...

Miultimodia: Thanks a lot! We're happy whenever anyone else can discover and enjoy these comics that we've made available. Hoping to come back to Maruo in the near future and do another story!

Adam: we'll, it depends on what you've seen in English... There is a short, but good, thing on him in the back of Comics Underground Japan (where Planet of the Jap appears) that explains that he got the inspiration for that from the Philip K. Dick novel, The Man in the High Castle. (You can tell he is a PK Dick fan in other ways too--- he has a story called "Electric Ant", taken from the title of a Dick short story ).

Also, for those that can read Japanese-- the new Maruograph books have more details about him.

Finally, Google Book Search has a few bits about him, but they're pretty widely known:

This one (from Headpress guide to the counter culture) is interesting too: