Sunday, November 19, 2006


Trolling around Amazon and noticed that listings for the next two volumes of Phoenix have been added to the site. Getting closer to the completion (well, near-completion since the old man never finished the epic!) of this series in English. SCIENCE FICTION AND FURRIES, YES!

Released December 12, 2007

Released February 26, 2007


Anonymous said...

Wow, I've heard this is awesome, but ... to read 10 volumes + and STILL not get to an ending? Is there a particularly exemplary/stand-alone-ish volume so I can determine if it's worth the pain? Or do I pretty much have to start from the beginning?

Ryan said...

it is really really really good. The stories are all self-contained, and each book vollies back and forth from distant past to distant future, and changed genre a million times along the way. It's one of those series that is indirectly incremental and rewards you for reading from the start, but each basically starts anew with a new set of characters...

Hmmm. i mean, i would say that the best things would be to get:
1) old style period piece story? get Volume 4 : Karma

2) space story, future crazyiness? get Volume 2 : Future

But seriously, almost all of them are really really good. Wanna borrow some when you come next? -ryan

Anonymous said...


Also, you know me, and you know that if the choice is between period piece and space craziness, well, the choice is obvious.

Anonymous said...

speaking of Osamu, i just wanna say thank you.
thank you for the post about Ode to Kirihito.
after reading your post, i ordered it out of curiosity, having only read my ten or so volumes of Astro Boy.
i ended up reading Kirihito over a weekend and i LOVED it.
i'll probably start the Phoenix series next.

Ryan said...

anthony: space madness it is :)

bryan: oh, NICE! that is really great to hear. I thought Kirihito was really really satisfying in a pretty narrative/traditional way, and the experimental panels and transitions were extra icing on the monmow cake.

YES PHOENIX! it's probably my favorite comic series ever.