Friday, November 24, 2006

We're bringin' Sensha back

That's right... our main man and comedic hero, Yoshida Sensha!

Not too much news just yet, except that it's FREEZING in SF right now, and we survived Thanksgiving holiday in style (Benihana excess and hilarity: shrimp + butter + fancy island drinks = retardo fun for Evan, me and my lady). Our next project is about 75% done and we're excited to get it posted soon: A 15-panel gag strip by MR. YOSHIDA SENSHA. We're hoping to have this up next week, and then we're following that up with a 16-PAGE short story as well. ZANG!!

In the meantime, there are some NEW SENSHA TOYS from Artstorm available.

Next up: Trans-Europe Express 4: Jeff Smith and his Bone in deutsch


Anonymous said...

Dude looks unhappy, but the frog-thing is THRILLED. I hope all will be explained in a future installment.

Claytonian said...

too cute. By the way, you guys may enjoy my review of the Drifting Classroom movie. I'll spam the link here.

Ryan said...


Clayton: Thanks for the link--- really really funny stuff in that video, we'll post it on the blog soon.

MAN, that movie looks like it suuuuuucks! what's with the pan-racial, bilingual craziness? also... HORROR? hello? fucking WEIRD.

Claytonian said...

I'm glad you guys liked it; I really appreciate all the hard horror-otaku work that you guys do!