Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Anime Adaptation of Midori by Suehiro Maruo... on YouTube!

Yes, more news regarding Uncle Maruo! The anime adaptation of Suehiro Maruo's MIDORI (aka Mr. Arashi's Amazing Freak Show) is currently up on YouTube in its entirety (split nicely between 5 clips). We previously blogged about the trailer and a torrent for the anime, but this should make it a lot easier for more of you to check this flick out. Collected here for your enjoyment (while it lasts):

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

Part Five:

Just to note, we've just started updating our own Same Hat channel (Tatsumi interview, Kiiiiiii live, with more to come) and tagging lots of favorites that might be of interest to readers of the blog (Hideshi Hino interview, Tezuka anime shorts, etc).


Anonymous said...

Youtube removed it already.

Ryan said...

Huh... only the first of five parts has been taken down so far... WEIRD.

Anonymous said...

How old is this movie? It was pretty cool....and pretyy fucked up, but it is from Maruo after all. Thanks for link to it.

Anonymous said...