Thursday, June 14, 2007


Quick site update on a few items!


We've received a couple entries so far, and it sounds like a few more people are working on their strips. Since today's my birthday and I'm feeling generous, we're gonna extend the deadline for the contest to 11:59 PM on Sunday night (6/17/07, PST, you know the drill). Again, the prize for the best original 4-panel gag strip is an awesome original copy of Junji Ito's Flesh-Colored Horror collection.


In clearing-my-plate-of-stuff-hanging-over-my-head news, I finally got our second batch of The World of Same Hat booklets back from the printer, and am ready to mail them out. To be clear, I only printed up 25 copies to send to folks that previously had expressed interest, and these are totally free for you dudes.

If you're on the list below, just email me at with your address (oh, and pleeze identify yourself if you used one of those mysterious aliases) and I'll mail your booklet ASAP. For anyone else, feel free to leave a comment below and I'll let you know if we happen to have extras-- It was expensive to get these made, so we won't be printing or offering any additional copies in the future :B

Chris Mautner
Pedro Camargo
Johnny Landmine
Joseph Luster
Creature Feature
Clint Butler
John Thomas
Ian Smith

Next up, pictures from the Tezuka Exhibit in SF, New Comics Day picks and more...


N.F. said...

hey, I'd love to get a copy if there happen to be any extras :) thanks!

Anonymous said...

If there are extras, I'd like a copy too!

Anonymous said...

i'd love a copy if there are any extras.

vivian said...

I guess I didn't reply soon enough on the last post! Will trade you something that Matt and I are working on if you have any extras left :)



Ivan said...

I would also like a copy, if there's any extras. Thank you.

Charlotte said...

I'd like a copy too, if you have extras. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

if it's not too late... i'd like to get a copy too. thanks!

vivian said...

ps: hope you had a wonderful birthday!! :)

Ryan said...

@vivian: Sorry I didn't have you on the list-- I missed your previous comment and should have added you to the short list. Yours is in the mail already!

@everybody: I'm working on getting copies out and will let everyone know about extras! thanks for the interest, and I will talk post again soon.

Anonymous said...

woo, i'd really like one too, if there are extras to go round!

ax174 said...

I'd love an extra booklet, and would be happy to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Please. Anyone can scan it and post on rapidshare or similar?
I´m from Spain and love this blog!

Ryan said...

UPDATE: I'm still mailing out copies back from the first time we took names (around APE), but we won't be offering any for sale. The booklet isn't anything that needs to get RAR'd, since it's literally just a collection of all the scanlation stuff we've posted for free on the blog already (albeit, with snazzy layout and staples, etc).

I've spent about ~$200 bucks on the 45ish total copies we've printed, given away and mailed out, so I don't plan to keep making more after this batch runs out. That said, I will definitely see if I have extra copies left over and try to get them to the people who've expressed interest up until now.

Thanks for understanding! Will update once on these at the end of the week!

vivian said...

I received mine two days ago and it was AMAZING :) I passed it on to Matt to read at work today.

You guys are awesome and I hope to get something out to you, Evan and Alice by the end of the summer (...if Matt and I can just get off our asses...)

XO !