Tuesday, November 20, 2007


And you thought Kazuo Umezu Chuck Taylors were strange... Doing random searches, I came across this old Hypebeast post describing a team-up between Timberland Japan and Tezuka Productions!

In 2006, as part of their EarthKeepers Collection, Timberland worked with the Tezuka folks to create a line of hiking/outdoors shoes and sandals based on Osamu's self-described life work, Phoenix (Hi no Tori). By not, the Timberland Earthkeepers Collection site is nowhere to be found, but I dug up this image:

What a strange partnership. I think the design of the shoes are kind of ghastly, but if you are a size 11 you can buy a (collectible?) pair of the sandals at this ebay auction -- with a Buy It Now price of only $99.00.

These sandals look really weird to me.

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