Saturday, May 03, 2008


Earlier this week, I made a note to myself to try to remember to get over to one of my local shops in SF today and get free comics. WHOOPS. It's basically over now, but today was the annual Free Comic Book Day-- An event that gives publishers a chance to preview their new books, and gives retailers an event for bringing in new readers from the community and turning them on to comics and manga.

If you are a reader of Same Hat and remembered to check it out, you hopefully chose Drawn & Quarterly's Gekiga! sampler. It features previews of their third Yoshihiro Tatsumi collection, Goodbye, and Seiichi Hayashi's masterpiece, Red Colored Elegy. Both of these MUST READ books will be coming out this July.

So, um.... does anyone have an extra copy?


Anonymous said...

These Yoshihiro Tatsumi books sound lovely. Is there anything that anyone out there could compare them to?

Anonymous said...

Unofficial godfather of Same Hat Suehiro Maruo interviewed on French television and uploaded for your viewing pleasure.


Anonymous said...

Cyphane, I must compare D&Q's Tatsumi collection to the short stories of Raymond Carver.

The artwork, so good, like Tezuka doing storyboards for the French New Wave.

Ryan S said...

@cyphane: Tatsumi is one of my absolute favorites-- his stories are extremely crushing, poignant and sparse, but his art is lush and intricate in depicting blue-collar life.

It's some heavy stuff. I STRONGLY recommend getting the Push Man collection, at very least.

Here is a review of the new book:

Ryan S said...

@magwea: Thanks for this awesome link-- not just Maruo but also Tadanori Yokoo, who is one of my absolute favorite artists of all time. What a great find!

I'll post it tomorrow, and give you credit. Thanks for sharing!

Ryan S said...

@patito: Raymond Carver-- It's a different medium, but I totally agree.

bittermelon said...

oh wow, actual quality goods on free comic book day? amazing. errrr i didn't just say that!