Tuesday, June 10, 2008


For this trip, I started what will hopefully be a new tradition-- getting folks to sign my "Official" Disneyland Autograph Book. I've still never been to Disneyland, but this thing acquired from a friend is the perfect size for getting signatures and sketches... it even has a little loop to hold your pen!


Jessica Abel, new mom and author of La Perdida

Tom Neely, self-publishing wizard cartoonist behind The Blot

Gary Panter, king of American outsider art, painter and head set designer for Pee Wee’s Playhouse

Michel Gondry, Mr. Whimsicle & director-turned-cartoonist

Kazimir Strzepek, master cartoonist and author of The Mourning Star, is upset about the marker bleed

Lynda Barry, My absolute hero and the nicest lady ever

Michael Kupperman, the funniest cartoonist working today


Sophia Foster-Dimino said...

Awesome! Here's hoping you'll fill the whole book. I guess with all the conventions lined up, it might be a possibility? I don't know how many pages are in those things... anyway, congrats. I love Gary Panter's drawing :B

Ryan S said...

@sheisept: Thanks, I hope that I can keep it up... Cons like APE and MoCCA make it so easy to meet really talented, crazy awesome people if you let yourself act a little brash. Are you attending any later this year? SPX maybe?

vincent said...

Amazing Blog!!!!

--. said...

this is brilliant.
all i got in my disney auto book is a half arsed pluto squiggle and some ketchup

(ah and le zine! what an exciting list of people... btw did i read mc lars?!)

peace v


Ryan said...

@vincent: Thanks for checking it out!

@mimi: I'm hoping to bring it along to every con this year and getting as many folks as possible to sign. I'll post an update after comic-con.

And yes, we're just starting to work again on the zine (after Tokyo Zombie kept me busy for 8 months there)... Do you know MC Lars?? He is a buddy of mine from college, and contributed an awesome TMNT-themed illustration!

--. said...

if it's the same mc lars who did a rap song featuring words from a mr allan poe... then yes i have heard of mc lars! didn't know he did illustrations - will have to check them out!

well i'm excited about seeing your zine and how the rest of your autograph book fills up!