Friday, June 27, 2008


Kate Beaton is a rising star of webcomics, and creator of some of the funniest comic strips of the last year. Her latest comics have been a mix of historical biographies, daily life strips about her family, and retardo parodies of other comics.

The pacing and line work of her shit is phenomenally right on, and my recent favorites involve Nikola Tesla, Garfield, and the sacking of the Lindisfarne Monastery in 793 AD, for starters.

This week she's ventured into Japanese historicity for the first time. Enjoy this AMAZING retelling of the infamous(?) Miyamoto Musashi vs.Sasaki Kojiro duel!

Background information provided by Wikipedia:
"In April 13, 1612, Musashi had his most famous duel with Sasaki KojirĊ who wielded a nodachi. Musashi came late and unkempt to the appointed place — the remote island of Funajima, north of Kokura. The duel was short and Musashi killed his opponent with a bokken that he had carved from an oar while traveling to the island.

Musashi's late arrival is controversial. Sasaki's outraged supporters thought it was dishonorable and disrespectful while many others thought it was a fair way to unnerve his opponent.


Tony T. said...


John said...

This is insanely awesome.

bittermelon said...

she's my heroine. did you see? 134 comments on her page. dang. more proof that comics are educational. everything i ever knew about musashi i learned from comics.
1) vagabond
2) this fly chick
ps - guess which museum is going to have a samurai show in the future?

Ryan said...

@tony t: BONK!

@john: It made my week

@bittermelon: Everything I know about the World, I learned from Webcomics"
it sounds like a dangerous idea for a book :)

Are you saying there is gonna be ... a SAMURAI MATCHA NIGHT?

RCM said...

I love this! Thanks for the tip!!