Monday, August 25, 2008


Since our last post of Umezu fan art, I've come across two new pieces of horror manga fan art to drool over... These are both recent illustrations by two good friends of Same Hat, and are basically too weird/rad to pass up.

1) Kazuo Umezu's Cat Eyed Boy by illustrator/RISD student (and winner of the 1st annual SH 4-koman contest) Sophia:

2) Go Nagai's Devilman by cartoonist and screen-printing wizard Michaela Colette (that's Mickey to you, buster!):


Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff!

tomorrowboy 2.9 said...

Hey, apparently we can't get Tokyo Zombie back in stock because DIamond doesn't have any copies. Can you look into this?

MICKEY Z said...

DUDE i want to go to spx but i am taking a bike-learning-how-to-fix-it that weekend!!!
i just bought tokyo zombie btw!!! it is coming in the mail!!!

MICKEY Z said...

bike learning how to fix it CLASS, i meant.
also thanks for all the shout-outs about my dorky fanart! have you reading drifting classroom or whatever?? i ordered some of that--its coming with tokyozomb!

Ryan said...

@thatquebecguy: Glad you like it!

@tomorrowboy 2.5: Huh, I hadn't heard that before-- Will get in touch with Last Gasp and see what's going on there... Thanks for the notice!

@michaela: Bummer that I won't see you at SPX :( But I hope you get a kick out of Tokyo Zombie! Drifting Classroom is a fantastic piece of work-- one of my favorite series from last year, for sure. Let me know what you think.

Ryan S said...

@tomorrowboy 2.5/Matthew: Thanks for your post about getting Tokyo Zombie back in stock.

I've spoken to Last Gasp and they confirmed that yep, Diamond doesn't have the best reputation for restocking :( However, your store can get TZ through Last Gasp (preferred), other book wholesalers, SCB Distributors, and a new comics distributor called Haven.

If you want to send me details about your store and location (to samehatATgmailDOTcom) I'll get you in touch with Last Gasp directly!

Thanks :)