Monday, September 01, 2008


This has been floating around online for about two months, for those keeping track on Webmaster Demerin and company have compiled a number of clips for the launch of Kazuo Umezu's personal YouTube channel!

There are about ~30 videos so far, and the majority are informal interviews with the man himself. Naturally, these are all in Japanese but full of gems and great moments. Here are few highlights from the channel to date:

# Umezu signing and embellishing a board for a lucky fan:

# SO RIDICULOUS! Uncle Kaz playing a microKORG synthesizer while wearing cat ears and meowing:

# Demerin and Kaz chatting about her first manga collection, Umezology:

# Spritely and behatted Umezz on stage at the 2005 Fukuoka Hero Festa:


bittermelon said...

his own youtube channel? sick. demerin's the best hype girl ever. i want one.

Ryan S said...

i want one too. her recent "food in kichijoji while playing gameboy" posts have been really tantalizing and amazing.