Saturday, September 13, 2008


Many thanks to everyone for entering the SAME HAT TOKYO ZOMBIE GIVEAWAY CONTEST THINGY. I laughed my ass off reviewing all the entries, and I'm posting the best of the bunch here for your viewing pleasure. Many thanks to everyone who submitted something for the contest-- we are all richer from your internet sleuthing and memetic contributions.

And now let me present... THE WINNERS!

1. Congrats to BRENDAN

Vomiting devil monk from Ninja Wars

2. Congrats to SAM

Blue Ranger groin grabber

2. Congrats to JACLYN

Street Fighter II drag battle from City Hunter

Okay you three... Please shoot me an email (samehatATgmailDOTcom) with your address and I'll mail you your copy of Tokyo Zombie on Monday.

The best of the rest:

ScatUltraman - Submitted by Arngrim

Captain WANK - Submitted by Ben

Borat balls out battle - Submitted by Ian

Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog- Submitted by Sebastien

From Cowa by Akira Toriyama- Submitted by Matthew

Front page news - Submitted by Johnny

Kyoto & Nara Bust - Submitted by DickMcVengeance


Hulk Hogan manga circa 1982 (from プロレススーパースター列伝)


MICKEY Z said...

let's hope hulk hogan manga is samehat's next translation project!!
p.s. that city hunter 5 thing totally blew my mind.

Anonymous said...

Well i figure it would be fun to go and show the ones that i was thinking about using, before going with the Ultraman one, because it fit the contest better.

I hope you guys find these as funny and awesome as i did, lol:





Now this one is a three parter of some spanich comic. Its of some evil guys (atlest i would think that they are evil...) doing something (i'll let you see what it is) to some guy and then his girl friend rushing over to to help him... in a halious way lol.



And here are the two other videos, which i get the feeling Ryan has seen already:



Anonymous said...

haha interesting stuff, arngrim..

that comic isn't in Spanish though..

The Street Fighter Jackie Chan clip I posted is from a movie called City Hunter (not 5, its not a sequel. i think there was a 5 because it was part of a series of clips from that movie that the youtuber posted). I've yet to see the movie though, I just love that clip.

here's the IMDB page for the movie:

Anonymous said...

sent the email with my address by the way.
please let me know if you received it.

Ryan S said...

@mickey: Haha, I WISH. I've actually read parts of it bc I brought a reprint back as a souvenir for my cousin when I first was an exchange student. The strangest scene is where Hulk beats the shit out of Sylvester Stallone (?!?)

@arngrim: Thanks for sharing dude! Your entry for the contest was tight, but came in after the deadline :(
These are rad. Yeah, I think the panels are Italian comics... Fumetti ~! There are so freaking awful but kindof amazing. Check out this blog, which features weekly fumetti scans:

OOOOH, nice find! Those ManGatarou clips are really really odd. Maybe i'll post them sometime this week :) Thanks!

@jaclyn: Thanks for the update on the film. I had a major jackie chan phase in high school, but I don't remember ever seeing this one! I just sent you a reply to your email :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks =]

Anonymous said...

@Ryan: lol thats actually the blog i got them from. It was a bitch trying to find the blog too (it was soo long ago that i last went there), that and i could have sworn that he said they were spanish or something back then... was too busy trying to find as many panels as i could from there to make it in time to pay any attention to what was being said... but now that i look, it does look italian... man the italians really made some brutal strange erotic grotesque comics back then :)(and maybe still do?).

Also, heres just two of the funny parts from my reading material lastnight, The Ping Pong Club :D


Anouther 3 parter:



I deffently recomend reading this manga or watching its anime.

Also that Hulk Hogan manga made me remmber a japanese drawing that i have of two famous guys, its from a doujin. Im sure you can figure out wo there are lol .


Rumika said...

That Ultraman clip was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. It's a shame it didn't quite make it for the contest, but that was truly awesome stuff.