Thursday, September 25, 2008


Recently announced on UMEZZ.COM, two new Orochi t-shirts have been released (in time for the release of the film adaption!) These shirts were designed by and will be available via hip retailer BEAMS!

(This shirt is scary)

It is also worth noting that BEAMS also sells the baddest-assest (that's a word, right?) item for any Umezu fan... the RED & WHITE STRIPED T-SHIRT:

I'm thinking... Halloween costume?!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I want all of those.

Anonymous said...

speaking of umezu costumes..
a while ago I was bored and well..

he is also the reason I need to buy that red and white striped tank top when I saw it in stores.

That and "where's waldo".

Ryan S said...

@johnny: Me too. If you dig around on otooto22 I think you'll find some really amazing shirts. They carry almost all these at TACOche in Nakano Broadway, btw.

@jaclyn: Awesome! This is really badass (and you made the giant hand too) Mind if I post these at some point closer to Halloween?

Anonymous said...

thanks. yeah go ahead =]

ever since you posted the link on kazz's site showing how to make the gwashi hand... I needed one.

No said...

Very nice, too bad no english stores carry them too!

Ryan S said...

@amanda: Talk to your friend Mr. Landmine! I believe he is in Japan as we speak (though not near TACOche unfortunately)...