Sunday, November 02, 2008


The day is finally here! Copies of the zine have arrived from the printer and will be on sale at Alternative Press Expo (APE) today and tomorrow. Even better, it is NOW AVAILABLE via the new Electric Ant site!

For $8 + shipping, this beautiful beast can be yours!

The new site includes a full list of contents and contributors, a fancy gallery full of pics of the zine and an easy option to buy it using Google Checkout. I've included shipping options for folks outside the US, and there's also instructions for retailers or anyone who can't use Google Checkout and wants to send $ directly.

For folks in the Bay Area this weekend, here are the APE details:

SATURDAY November 1st 11am - 7pm
SUNDAY November 2nd 11am - 6pm

Location: The Concourse - 620 7th Street, San Francisco
(Directions and more info here)

I'll be tabling with The Bang Gang crew for the 3rd year in the row:
Evan Hayden: Tokyo Zombie, illustrated-photography prints!
Hellen Jo: Jin & Jam #1, pencil cases, buttons, and her SEIBEI t-shirt
Calvin Wong: New comics collection!
Anthony Wu: New minis and prints!
Derek Yu: New comics mini!

The Bang Gang can be found at Table #415, on the main floor, in the back-left side by the stairs.



MICKEY Z said...

totally pumped!!!!!!!!!

John T said...

It looks great! I can't wait to actually hold it.

Ryan S said...

@michaela: I will send you a copy asap :)

@john t: I can't wait for you to check it out too-- hope you enjoy it !

Unknown said...

looks awesome. can i ask who your printer is? i've been looking for a good one

Ryan S said...

Thanks Gina :)
I printed with Amy at 1984 Printing in Oakland.. They are local (for me) and have also printed books for Little Otsu and others. I highly recommend them :)