Friday, November 07, 2008


Hot news fresh off the desk of Same Hat's American stepfather, Johnny Ryan:

This month = Vice Comics & Illustration issue

He describes it thusly,
It's got comics in it from the following people: Matt Furie, Benjamin Marra, Matthew Thurber, Radio Wada, Paco Alcazar, Frederic Fleury, Shintaro Kago, Rowan Tedge, Simon Gardenfors and me and maybe some other names I'm forgetting.

Very cool news for manga nerds - we always love more Shintaro Kago, but the very first(?) publication of Radio Wada in English a US publication is especially unique and rad. My friend Robert (gifted artist and indie manga fanboy to the extreme) gave me a copy of Radio Wada's collection of gag strips, Labrador Radio Wada, earlier this year.

I don't know as much as I should about Radio Wada, but I really, really enjoyed his rugged and brut lines and subversive strips. He also does some really wild coloring and effects in some of his strips. You can also check here for a complete listing (in Japanese) of his books, most of which are published by EnterBrain and Shueisha.

Look for the new Vice hitting stands some time later this month...


Anonymous said...

So how am I supposed to get my Kago fix without associating with hipster scum who wish to steal everything geeky that I like?

bittermelon said...

hm, anon has a point there! also, JR = american stepdad = nice

Anonymous said...

Technically, the Wada page has not been translated cuz it's wordless.


Ryan S said...

@anonymous & bittermelon: the love/hate relationship continues!

Ryan S said...

@johnny: ah, good point :) still-- very badass. nice work sneaking the dude into the issue!