Wednesday, November 05, 2008


As of this morning, all online orders have now been shipped out!

Folks interested in the zine, please keep them orders coming! Here are a couple new previews up on the Electric Ant site:

(First Kiss comic by The Fart Party's Julia Wertz!)

(Dark Lords by Jenn Yin & Hellen Jo!)

(4-Koma strips by Alice, Me & Sophia)

(Zine Wisdom from Eric Nakamura!)


zach hazard vaupen said...

oh man i totally disagree on all the zine wisdom stuff. zines are totally art! and i've gotten so much free stuff for zines! (mostly other zines and money but sometimes artwork too)

Ryan S said...

@zach: haha, yeah... Eric's contribution is one of the most amazing and hilarious things--- definitely one of my favorite submissions. His mag is the ultimate zine-turned-mag, Giant Robot, and was the absolute early inspiration for all of my interest in zine culture. Electric Ant is my paean to that great, DIY and pre-blogging fanzine era!